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I GargI Garg
15:25 08 Dec 23
All of the other 5 star reviews are right. This is a phenomenal personal training gym. Coaches Josh, Nick, and Erica are all very intelligent and use their unrivaled expertise to construct personalized fitness plans. They have your best interest at heart and want you to succeed in all aspects of your life. They are also super accommodating with rescheduling for those with busy schedules.Honestly, I can’t thank these guys enough. This place has also had a positive impact on my mental health. 100000% recommend signing up. You won’t regret it.
Miriam OstriaMiriam Ostria
18:34 26 Jul 23
I've had the fortune of embarking on a life-changing fitness journey with the expert guidance of the staff at Opex Shady Grove for almost a year now. From the moment I stepped into the gym, I knew I was in the hands of a professionals who genuinely cared about my well-being and goals. Their thorough assessment of my fitness level, and personal objectives set the groundwork for a customized workout plan that continues to challenge me without being overwhelming. All trainers are very friendly and approachable with keen attention to proper form and technique. Exercises are carefully explained, ensuring safety and effectiveness. I never feel rushed or pressured, yet I always feel motivated to push beyond my comfort zone. Given my schedule, I spend most of my training time with coach Nick (Drago). Nick's enthusiasm is contagious. His passion for fitness is evident, making every session enjoyable and uplifting. He continually adapts the workouts to keep them fresh and exciting, which keeps me motivated and excited to come back for more. Nick is always available to address my questions, offer support, and celebrate my successes, no matter how small. It truly feels like having a supportive friend on this journey. Lastly, the small group environment has become an important part of my community of friends and family. I cannot recommend Opex Shady Grove's services highly enough.
James Geng (JG)James Geng (JG)
18:12 25 Jul 23
Joined opex shady grove 6 months ago. It's a great small gym. The coaches listen to your fitness goal and provide customized workout and nutrition plan to maximize your goal. There's no judgement or ego lifting in the gym. The coaches really motivate you to train on the days you want to slack off. I'm glad I can train here. Thanks OPEX Shady Grove!
Shweta JainShweta Jain
19:35 18 Apr 23
Christine KimChristine Kim
01:48 18 Mar 23
I joined OPEX Shady Grove last month, and it has been one of the best decision I’ve made towards my fitness journey. Before joining OPEX, I would go to these “big gyms” and be totally clueless on what to do. However, here at OPEX, you are given a personalized workout plan that is catered to your fitness goal. Your trainers are there to teach you, encourage you, pump you up, keep you accountable, and help you workout in a non-judgmental place. Coach Josh, Nick, & Erica are so welcoming and extremely knowledgeable. Immediately as you walk through the doors you feel a strong sense of community and belonging. Although it has only been a month, I am so glad I joined OPEX Shady Grove!
Jane Usavage JohnsonJane Usavage Johnson
20:40 16 Feb 23
I have been a part of the Opex family for one year. The staff immediately feels like family. I have tbeen through a lot this past year and the trainers are adaptable and flexible with life's constant demands. When I am there, I am working out but also having fun. Make no mistakes that we are working out but in a fun and motivating environment. My saying, as I was reminded yesterday is "3 times a day for life!". I am 60 and need to retain my muscle mass and strength. Make no mistakes that when I had a private trainer, I paid 4 times what I pay at Opex! I am excited to continue my journey with Opex, Josh, Nick and Erica. So will you!
Karen BlonderKaren Blonder
13:59 14 Feb 23
Great gym experience. Love the individualized plan for each client....they really try to hone in on goals you are trying to achieve. Trainers are watching to make sure you are performing exercise correctly/safely and do care that you are doing well and progressing. Highly recommend if you are looking for something that is personalized to you but in a small group setting.
Holly StackHolly Stack
15:00 07 Feb 23
Best gym I’ve ever belonged to. Josh & Nick are great trainers and people in general. They take the time to get to know you and your goals, and help you achieve them. The smaller size of the gym is a benefit, you receive more personalized training and the ability to get to know the fellow members. I will miss this gym and people once I relocate.
Alexander ChoqueAlexander Choque
22:55 02 Jan 23
I had a great experience! All the workouts were effective and the progression is noticeable over time. I did not believe I could become stronger and accomplish my fitness goals but with the help of the coaches, they became a reality. The small groups and personalized programs are a plus and helps with adapting and learning new workouts. Overall a great place to workout in and great environment to be around from the coaches to the gym members.
Suzanne BroadfieldSuzanne Broadfield
20:45 29 Dec 22
OPEX Shady Grove has a great staff and program. Too often, we set fitness or weight loss goals with no idea where to start or relying on then endless Internet pages as a guide. OPEX gives you the tools you need designed specifically for your fitness level and goals. It's a great resource and a hidden gem of Montgomery County. Worth it.
Kristiene IgnacioKristiene Ignacio
19:16 24 Nov 22
Long overdue review, but what better time than to leave one on Thanksgiving Day. The OPEX coaches and fellow clients were all so wonderful to get to know. The support, personalized workouts, and nutrition advice are great. The facility is well equipped, maintained, and clean.I highly recommend this OPEX location and am grateful for the amazing coaches I got to work with during my time there.
Franco FrandeFranco Frande
00:46 19 Nov 22
Best gym program I've ever belonged to. Personal trainers are great, care, and are truly there to help you every time, every exercise. I've been a member for a year now and they've helped me work through accident recoveries (current and past) and design my weekly workouts so that I get the most out of my time there, and my off time. As well, they've educated me on nutrition and the lesson that we fuel our bodies to workout, not workout to burn off what we eat. Great group of other gym friends as well. Everyone comes in, gets to work and no judgements. If you're looking for a great program that gives you individualized attention, an atmosphere to feel great about being in, this is the place.
Tam MillerTam Miller
20:44 18 Nov 22
Josh and his team at OPEX has changed the way I believe an exercise gym should be like. The big gyms made accountability almost non existent. Smaller specialty gyms had little personalization and you were either discouraged because you couldn’t keep up or bored because you weren’t challenged.At OPEX you are not lost in crowd of strangers. You get the affordabl personal training along with a smaller setting with encouraging peers. No stress here, they give you a plan based on your goals and abilities and you can’t get bored because it’s ever changing for your needs. I won’t be going back to the old typical gyms.
Caroline ChangCaroline Chang
17:20 18 Nov 22
All the coaches, Josh, Nick and Erica take an interest in you no matter what fitness level you’re at. I really like how they give me tips to get the most out of every workout. Every session is a hard workout with happy people!
Mark RuitersMark Ruiters
23:44 10 Jul 22
Big gyms are just not for many of us (including me)! I wanted to find a personal trainer + small-sized gym + a nutrition plan - personalized for me – all in one! Well, I found that (and some!) at OPEX Shady Grove! Coaches Josh, Nick, and Brit (who are all amazing, btw) have created a fun and highly effective program that simply just works for me. I lost weight and added muscle almost immediately. Highly recommended!
Pat DuttonPat Dutton
23:54 16 Jun 22
I wish I met these guys sooner!! - like long before I got transferred to Texas! They are professional, kind, and accepting that everyone has different goals. My program was individualized and appropriate to my level of fitness. They have created an atmosphere in the gym that is friendly and encouraging and fosters positive interaction with other members. I always looked forward to my sessions!
Teresa RosaTeresa Rosa
14:03 27 Apr 22
I've been going to OPEX for 3 months now and I am absolutely thrilled with both my physical and mental progress. Before joining the group, I was in major need of motivational encouragement towards lifestyle/behavioral change and I received just that and more!!Coach Josh and Coach Nick are extremely knowledgeable and personal which makes working out less intimidating and more fun! Along with the coaches, OPEX has a great group of people who motivate each other to break out of their comfort zones, judgement-free!!Overall, it has been a transformative process and I look forward to continuing my workouts with OPEX and this amazing group of people!

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Melissa N.

School Teacher

Rafael N.

Small Business Owner

Chris P.


“Josh takes the time to get to know your goals and what matters to you. For me at first it was just making time for myself and getting to the gym 3 times a week. After I achieved that first step, we focused on nutrition and more strength-based training.

I have a hurt shoulder and Josh always makes sure I do exercises that not only won’t make it worse, but actually strengthen it. I’ve already lost 15 lbs and I did it gradually and safely. Josh has helped me want to continue to make better lifestyle choices in the future and I am ever so grateful.”

OpexShadyGrove Client Review Diana

Diana C.

Law Enforcement Officer

“Josh is an amazing coach. When it comes to fitness, nutrition and ultimately living a healthier life all around, it is important to approach mindset first. I was not in a good head-space when I first started working with Josh. He helped me reconnect to the deeper reasons why I had the goals I did & I immediately started seeing changes not only in my body but also in my business.

Josh does an incredible job at meshing the physical & mental components of a healthy life together in a way that makes sense. Josh is both smart & highly effective at helping you to create a step-by-step plan toward your goals.”

Jay-D Client

Jay D.

Business Owner & Entrepreneur

Dale S.

“Josh takes the time to get to know your goals and what matters to you. For me at first it was just making time for myself and getting to the gym 3 times a week. After I achieved that first step, we focused on nutrition and more strength-based training.

I have a hurt shoulder and Josh always makes sure I do exercises that not only won’t make it worse, but actually strengthen it. I’ve already lost 15 lbs and I did it gradually and safely. Josh has helped me want to continue to make better lifestyle choices in the future and I am ever so grateful.”

“Josh is an amazing coach. He always goes above and beyond for his clients. He truly listens to what you have to say and he understands. He’s helped me to find very creative solutions that have come up with my goals..

He works with your specific goals and situation to help you design an action plan that makes sense. I’m so happy that I found Josh when I did.”

Natalia-N Client

Natalia N.

Medical Research

“The major shift I’ve seen is in my confidence. My determination to accomplish my goals – it’s exciting again. I’m taking care of myself…

My confidence has even shown at work. I recently received a $5,000 increase in my base pay. I also received a $15,000 bonus for my hard work over the past year. The work Josh & I have done together has helped me in all aspects of my life.”

Doug N.

Construction Project Manager

Brian-H Client

Brian H.

“Josh has been working with me for nearly three years. I appreciate his patient, flexible and caring approach. I am seeing positive results, due in large part to his efforts.

Working with Josh, he’s been able to hold me accountable, reinforce successes and push to keep me building off the incremental but consistent changes in my lifestyle. Most importantly, it’s actually fun working with Josh and his team.”

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